Defining Farm Collies

Farm Collie

A farm collie is not a breed of dog, it is a type of dog covering several breeds and a range of crossbreed dogs. There have been a number of definitions proposed for "farm collies", (see article What is a Farm Collie?), on this website we are using the following definition.

Any dog of collie derivation that possesses the instincts found in the original Scotch Collies that make them useful as a multi-purpose farm dog.

Under that broad definition dogs of several breeds fall within this group, although not all dogs within these breeds will fit the definition, only those with the good working instincts.

The farm collie movement took root in America in the mid 1990s, bringing the plight of the farm collie to the attention of others and motivating more people to help. You can learn about the what people have been doing to bring back the farm collie at Old Time Farm Shepherd, Collies: Back to the Future or on Facebook at the Scotch Collie Fan Club.